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COACHING SERVICES HANSTEN HEALTHCARE I find absolute joy in watching colleagues unfurl and find the answers they need for their own roles. Fifty years of healthare experience allows me to ask the questions that help and individual learn and grow. (I never say "I have seen it all" because healthcare has a way of surprising me!) I am happy to offer: - Support - Deep listening - A thinking partner - Strategy suggestions - Help with your priorities There is something special about having accountability to an interested leader who has no stake in your own organization. My goal is for you to achieve YOUR goals. I offer one to one and group coaching. First call is gratis to ascertain if we have a good fit. A one-to-two time coaching session is $160/hour I will also coach for longer term contracts. Coaching is a process: Awareness to Insight to Action. Email me at or phone me at 206.999.1640 to set up a time to explore this further.

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